Photo Journal

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This week's picture was taken by my 5 yr. old daughter (as she's sitting in my lap, asking what all the buttons and dials are for, and insisting that I let her "do it myself")! We went to the college rodeo and, of course, I had my camera with me. There is absolutely nothing great about this photo (I just handed it to her in shutter priority since we were watching face-paced action!) except for the fact that she caught this guy getting bucked off. Or as she called it, "upside-down mid-air"!
We thought it was awesome and wanted to share! Definitely the shot of the week - thanks, Aubrey!

And here it is cropped in a little closer.  He is absolutely "upside-down mid-air"!
(And I'm giggling to myself as I save this next file as "bull_crop".  I crack me up!)