Photo Journal

A wedding, senior portrait, and children's photographer in Rockport, Texas.  Serving the families of Aransas county and the Coastal Bend area with film and digital photography. 

Turnbow Kids - Rockport, TX Photographer

Photographing kiddos is always a challenge.  Some people (read: moms) stress over clothes, smudged faces, crazy hair, and the dreaded won't-smile-for-anything syndrome.  But that's all part of the fun!  Kids wouldn't be kids if it happened any other way.  Some days they are easy going and it all "clicks", but other days we have to settle for tears.  And that's OK.  It's still Christmas card worthy.  Trust me.  After 3 kids and thousands of photos (of my own and so many others' kids),  we won't care what kind of dirt was on their shirt or under their nails.  We will only care that we took the time to take photos of them.   I've taken lots of photos of these two, and I hope to take many more over the years - tears or smiles.   I love you guys!