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Letters to My Children {June: Crosby}

Dear Crosby, You are growing so much and getting so big - 10 months old!  It's already plain to see that you are very independent and strong willed.  Shhhh... don't tell anyone, but I think you might get a little bit of that from me.   You are always on the move lately. Crawling, standing up, and even trying to take some steps! It's just so frustrating trying to keep up with those big kids, isn't it?  I don't think you understand that you are still supposed to be a baby and that you can't do everything that Aubrey and Brooks try to do.  But I bet you will spend a good bit of your time trying!

Daddy and I love watching you as you explore your world and learn new things everyday.  Right now you have a fascination with ceiling fans and teeny tiny things.  You notice the smallest crumb, or bug, or rock.  And you try to put all of it in your mouth!  You even tried a stink bug the other day and by the look on your face, I think it probably tasted just like it smells!  You are also learning to swim this summer! You show no fear and just jump right to me and start kicking! When I let go of you, you go hold your breath, go under the water, and open your eyes! I have a feeling that this is just part of your personality: jump right in with your eyes open and start kicking. And speaking of eyes, there is much debate as to the color of yours! They seem to change each week and are a combination of blue in the middle and brown around the edges. Just another part of watching you grow and change! We all love you so much and take delight in all the little things you say and do. I hope that we always remember to slow down and not rush you into being too big, too fast. Set your own pace, CJ.

Love, Mama