Photo Journal

A wedding, senior portrait, and children's photographer in Rockport, Texas.  Serving the families of Aransas county and the Coastal Bend area with film and digital photography. 

Letters to My Children {December: Crosby}

Dear C.J., That's what you are calling yourself these days, so we will go with it for now.

Up to this point your little world has consisted of 5 people sharing a very small space.  We have, literally, lived on top of each other since before you were even born.  This is all you know!  But changes are coming.  Just like you change and grow everyday, our family is making changes too.  We are leaving this little corner of Lost Creek and headed off on a new adventure.  A new job, a new house, your own rooms, more space, new places, and new friends are all waiting in a new year.  This season is almost over.  This snow that you weren't too sure of, but then decided was lots of fun, will melt and give way to green grass and flowers.  Enjoy each season, each day, each moment while you can.  As I look back over this year of letters and photos, it's so obvious how you all change and grow.  But during each little moment we don't see the movement, the change, as you move away from one stage toward another.

I know that things will not always be easy.  We might not be too sure about whatever waits for us in the next season.  But God is good and has a plan for our lives; for your life.  It will be amazing to watch as his plans for us unfold, just as it has been amazing to watch you as you discover and try new things.  I can't wait!

Love always,