Photo Journal

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Letters to My Children {August: Brooks}

Dear Brooks,

You sure are busy these last days of summer! I tried several times in the past couple of weeks to get photos of you, and you never seem to have time to fit me into your busy schedule. You told me the other day this has been the best summer ever. You play outside all day with Aubrey, Hunter, and Grace, and I have to make you come home when it gets dark. You think swimming is the best way to get clean, and you never seem to be able to find your shoes. You guys are always coming up with some plan, whether it's for a lemonade stand, swinging on vines through the sprinkler, or building secret tunnels teleportation devices. So it didn't surprise me that the only way you would let me take your picture was in a group with your best buddies. That's ok, because when I think back on this summer, this is exactly how I want to remember you. Surrounded by your friends, laughing, wet hair, sunburned noses, covered in old mosquito bites and new freckles. I'll take it and cherish it.

I love you,