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Happy Birthday to Me {365 Project on Film}

I sent a text to Brodie today that said, "This 45th year of my life I want to practice yoga more often, paddle board, read more Shakespeare, and be confident enough to shoot only film. And to be more patient."  


So as a birthday present to myself, I loaded up my yoga punch card, ordered some Shakespeare books, and started a new personal 365 film project.  I figure all of these things will help me in the patience department. 

So at least one photo a day, 36 days to finish a roll, then a week or so to mail it in and wait for scans, then post a week's worth of photos at a time.  Yep, it's gonna take some patience.  

I've already set aside 12 pages in my journal for each month's field notes.  I've numbered each day and date of the project and created columns for roll/frame number, f/stop, shutter speed, film stock, focal length, time of day, light quality/direction, location, subject, etc.  (I know, I know... but I'm such a nerd!) 

I plan to stick to my Canon EOS3 (because it's my favorite!) and to shoot at least two to three rolls of the same film stock before moving on to another film.  This is about technical aspects and methodically working my way through things in a systematic order.  I want this to be about growing my knowledge base and not so focused on artistic growth. 

But don't worry, I've got a couple of other fun cameras to play with when I need a change of pace.  The simple fact of homeschooling three kids will keep things from getting dull!  I'm still finding inspiration in others' projects. And I'm by no means putting creativity on the back burner...

So Happy Birthday to Me!  Less time editing, more intention behind each click of the shutter.  More patience. More free time. I hope to return to the simplicity that is film.