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Final 52 post of 2010!

It's been a challenge.  Not taking pictures - I do that everyday.  I take too many!  It's finding time to edit and post that is difficult during all the other daily activities.  I have to make time to read my Bible each day, much less make time to post something each week!  That's why I'm in no place right now to do a 365.  But I did so enjoy this project and I will continue it for a second year in 2011. There is nothing spectacular about this week's post (other than my beautiful girl!), but it is a landmark of sorts.  This is the first recorded image from my new 7D!  We picked it up from the camera store (didn't even snap one pic in the store - I was a girl on a mission and I knew exactly what I wanted) and went straight to lunch.  The battery had a teeny tiny bit of juice left - enough for me to take this and a couple of others before it completely died!  So we just finished our lunch and then started the 1 1/2 hr. trip home.  Talk about torture!    Oh well... I had waited a long time for this camera, so another couple of hours wasn't going to kill me!

So this is the first of many more with my new toy!  What a great way to end a year-long project!

This week I'm thankful for patience and perseverance.  Mine, this time.


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