Photo Journal

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At Last

Some of my best friends, Mike and Ashley, have been on an adoption journey that has spanned more than two years.  After mountains of paperwork, countless hours of sewing and selling awesome baby blankets to earn the necessary funds, many tears, a constant stream of prayers, and the help of a small village, they brought Kate home from China a couple of weeks ago. The Milfords were gone for two weeks and I had the honor of helping them out by watching their two older girls for a part of the time they were out of the country.  We had a great time and the girls were troopers while mom and dad were away!  But the best part was taking the girls to the airport to meet Mike, Ashley and Kate when they came home!  With camera in hand, a prayerful heart, two other besties and two very anxious little girls, we set out for the long wait at DFW.

Welcome Home, Kate.  We have waited so long for you and for this moment.  I hope you know that this is just the beginning of God's great plan for your precious life.  Hopefully you can look back on this moment and see yourself and your family as you were on this great day!  We love you.



The whole family waiting with baited breath for the plane to land. It's killing us!

Our first glimpses of them through the glass as they deplane.

Kate is wide-eyed, but waits patiently while Ashley greets June.

Meet June, your new sister!

Now they've swapped and Dad is hugging someone else, too?  Still waiting patiently...

After the excitement of seeing mom and dad for the first time in two weeks, the girls focus their attention on Kate.  And she's not too sure about everyone.  She finds comfort in mom's lap when everyone gets a little too close!

Now I'm beginning to warm up a little.....

.... but I'm not too sure about this group hug business!

When all else fails, gum makes everything better!

Who are you crazy people?

But you.... yeah, girl.... you....

.....I like your hair!

And you with the funny mustache,  you are kinda cool too.

It's time to head home.  Here, Kate, hold my hand.

I don't want to hold your hand.

But I do really like your shoes!

Seriously. Those are super cute.  Where did you get those, girl friend?

I guess you people are OK and this is all going to work out.  Let's go home!

God is so good!!!