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52 Wednesdays - 7|Fifty-Two {Ruffles}

When I saw that this week's challenge was "Ruffles", my resolve to finish the whole year began to crumble. Other than the potato chip kind, there are NO ruffles around here. I've never been a ruffle kind of girl - just ask my mom... even seersucker gives me the heebie-jeebies. So those of you who know me well shouldn't be surprised that the kind of ruffles that I decided to photograph this week would be the ruffles or the "frill" around a bearded dragon.


Meet Spikey Warrior. He's the mascot at Rocky Point Christian Academy. Now Spike is just a little guy, so he doesn't have a full-grown ruffle of spikes that is what gives his kind the name "bearded dragon".

But he's working on it. Just look at that beautiful ridge! These guys make the perfect pets for kids because they are so easy to care for and, believe it or not, they are very affectionate. They often seek attention and don't mind being handled. Perfect for a school setting.


Aubrey and I went into the science room to take some pictures of spike and I swear he started posing! He seemed to like it when I put him in a couple of different spots to get some back-lit, high key shots and then some darker more dramatic shots! He seemed to know we were interested in his frill and even lifted his throat so I could get a better perspective.

I'm sure I'll hear from his agent in a few days...

He started looking pretty serious toward the end.



So thanks for hanging with me and my stretch on the concept of Ruffles! Probably, for a much more traditional interpretation of the term and lots of babies, girls and tutus, click through our circle of fantastic photographers who are all part of The Bloom Forum 52 weeks project.

Next in line is the fabulous Laura Quick of Flutterby Photography - Jackson, MS Photographer!