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52 Wednesdays - 4|Fifty-Two {Emotion}

I had a great post all planned for this week's "Emotions" challenge. We had a big week here at the Miller household - Aubrey learned to ride her bike without training wheels! And I documented the whole thing with my camera. All the emotions were there: fear, determination, doubt, joy, pride. But after last week's looooonnnggg post, I decided to keep it short and sweet this week. (Don't worry... I'm for sure going to share the pictures of Aubrey's big day!) We made a quick stop today in Hico as we were headed home after meeting up with my mom and dad. We just couldn't help it; Wisesman House Chocolates was calling our names! If you ever find yourself in Hico, Texas, your day will not be complete if you don't check out our world-famous chocolate makers at Wiseman House Chocolates. And it was in this little truffle of Heaven that I came across the perfect photo for Emotions:


I don't normally use a lot of textures, but an image from this quaint, little, antique-filled chocolate shop seemed to call for one. This project is, after all, about trying new and different things!

This next image is lends directly to my idea of happiness. Not marshmallows, but a glass case filled with truffles! Enjoy!


Now be sure an click on over to the lovely and talented Amanda McCrea who is an Edmonton, AB Family Photographer and see what kind of "Emotions" she has captured!