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52 Wednesdays - 41 | Fifty-Two {Self}

I've been very much out of the loop the past few months with this pregnancy. And I have missed being pushed and challenged and inspired. I have not missed commitments and deadlines. I've still been shooting, but just not sharing, though I have intentions of catching up, if only for my own sense of accomplishment. But when I saw this week's theme of "Self", I knew it was time to make an effort. Am I the only one who wishes I had more photos of myself with my first two kids? Or, heck... just photos of myself, enjoying life without being overly critical of what I look like or what my hair is doing?

Many of you may not know that I gave birth to this sweet little girl on my 40th birthday. If anything will make you take a hard look at yourself, that will do it! A gift to myself. A chance to do this again; older, maybe wiser, with more purpose, a bit more relaxed, and with a lot more appreciation. I can start by simply being in more photos with my family.

So here are my self-portraits with little 7-week old Crosby Jane.















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