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52 Wednesdays - 13|Fifty-Two {Pastel}

Remember back in Week 5 when I told you that I don't do pink? Well, I don't do "pastel" either! But this project is all about getting out of our comfort zone and challenging ourselves, so I decided to challenge myself with my editing style. As someone who has worked so hard to achieve proper skin tones, preaches monitor calibration, and doesn't believe in using presets and actions on portraits until I can first master correct exposure and white balance, I'm going way out on a limb here! I'm all about clean processing and won't use color or over-exposure to "fix" an image that I wouldn't show to a client with my normal editing style. Call me a purist, I guess...

So here goes.

I took a few of my favorite shots of Emily and decided to process in pastels. And, please forgive me, but I have to show you my "normal" way of processing as well! I hope you enjoy; I did. But I can't promise you I'll do this very often! (And if you aren't viewing this on a properly calibrated monitor...well, then I can't vouch for the results. Go get calibrated!)


Here are a couple of the originals.




And a few "pastel" edits.




The super talented Marsette Guerrero from Kingwood, Texas is next one in our Bloom 52 Wednesdays project. Stop by and see her "pastel" creations this week!