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52 Wednesdays - 16|Fifty-Two {Colorful}

So I shot a wedding this past weekend for a friend and colleague who ended up with two weddings on the same day! He hired me and another talented friend of mine to go shoot one of the weddings since I had previously photographed another wedding at this specific location. (Have I mentioned that I'm NOT a wedding photographer...(big eye roll) and that I turn people away all the time, yet end up doing them anyway somehow?!?) So my friend dropped off some flash cards and batteries, asked me to shoot in jpeg, and then came by to pick up the CF cards, and I had to do absolutely NO editing. Nothing. Zilch. Zippola. That's my kind of wedding!

All that to say.... I forgot my camera was still set to jpeg, so all my shots this week have such a different feel to them! It was very obvious to me when I was editing (even though it only took me a fraction of the time!) so I decided to go with it and embrace a more photo-journalistic approach this week. Sort of a "day in the life of Color" if you will....


Aubrey and I started our day with a Geography lesson. We've been using the Sonlight Geography Songs program where she learns different regions by listening to the song as she colors the region. To help it stick in her little brain even better, we color the states/countries in the order we learn them in the song to correspond to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple! It's amazing that the kid can find almost any country in the world after just 1 year of this!

Look how colorful Africa is! We finished this one several months ago, but she wanted to go back to it just so I could get a picture of it. And, she still knows the songs and countries! Great day for review. One thing that I love about this program is that the countries are labeled with letters or numbers (again, in the order they are learned in the song) and not the name of the country. That way Aubrey is actually learning the location of the country and not just looking for the name on a map!

I promised Aubrey that after we finished our homeschooling for the day, I would take her to our local produce/flower market so she could pick out some things to plant in pots around out little RV site.

Brooks just wanted to splash and play in the water! See him way in the back?

She started out just picking out every kind of pink flower known to man! So we talked about mixing colors, contrasting/complimentary colors, variety of textures, different shades of green, etc.

This is what she ended up with. Not bad!

It amazes me to think that the creator of all this color knows each of His children by name and declares that we are even more beautiful than this! I have to remind myself even though I don't feel this colorful sometimes, that, according to Zephaniah 3:17, he takes great delight in me and even rejoices over me with singing!

I know that color is all around us and that we take so much of it for granted. From homework to God's creation, we can find color in anything. If we just take the time to look.

Up next is fellow Texan, Marsette Guerrero, a photographer from Kingwood, Texas. Her blog is always full of color and "colorful" kids! Enjoy!